Nail Battle! Kleancolor Holos VS Wet N Wild Holos

See who the victor will be after the jump!!

I recently had the joy of a nail polish spree at Walgreens and CVS, and found these Wet N Wild holos that I thought for sure were dead ringers for the Kleancolor Holos I recently reviewed.


You all know how much I love and want to promote the KC holos, but I know there are those out there that simply don’t want to shop online, nor pay shipping costs. So as soon as I saw these I knew I had to pick them up in hopes of promoting a way to get the KC holo fix from your local drugstore.

They only had the blue and purple-pink, but it was a start!

Once I got them home, I knew there were more differences than I saw in-store.

For one, the Kleancolor “Holo Blue” offers yellow tones and offers much, much more intense sparkle. The particles are uniform and larger than the Wet N Wild whose formula looks to be comprised of holo glitters of two sizes: xsmall and micro.

Kleancolor “Holo Blue” next to Wet N Wild “Blue Wants To Be A Millionaire”

The Wet N Wild “Pink” is actually much more of a purple and several shades darker. While it seems to fare much better when comparing the amount of sparkle, it is still slightly less sparkly than the KC.

Kleancolor “Holo Pink” next to Wet N Wild “Hannah Pinktana”



Due to the gorgeous works of stain art on my own nails, these swatches all feature three coats of Sally Hansen “Sorbet” as underwear.

Here are their comparisons using one, two, and three coats of holo polish:

One Coat

This indoor shot really shows the difference in the formulas. See how much larger the KC glitter is? It also seems to retain some sparkle indoors and in dim lighting, whereas the WnW seems to lose it’s sparkle without bright and/or direct light.




I also attempted to do a few gradients like those with the Kleancolor (See HERE, will open in new window) but the Wet N Wild formula was too thin and too fine to achieve the same effect.

Kleancolor Holos can be purchased for around $1-$4 (depending if you buy in bulk or not)

Wet N Wild Holos can be purchased at drugstores such as Walgreens for $1.99

Kleancolor Holos are 15ml, WnW Holos are 13.5 ml.

They dry equally and apply pretty equally- the Kleancolor brushes are stiffer while the WnW brushes are a bit moppy.

The victor?

Kleancolor. The sparkle is just so much more intense and offers more versatility. I believe it’s well worth it to purchase them online in place of or even in addition to these Wet N Wilds. But, it can be a nice subtler alternative that you can pick up just around the corner from where you live.

Where to buy:


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