Nail Art Designs – What are the different procedures?

Having your nails done at home needs a bit of preparation. For beginners, it’s good to start with thoroughly clean and well-shaped nails. Cut them neatly and file before your manicurist begins to apply polish.

Even the majority of talented nail technicians will not be able to create a complex pattern if your nails tend to be bitten down to stubs.

3 Main Nail Art Procedures

You can find three main procedures that your manicurist can use to get styles on your nails. These are nail art stickers, freehand drawing, and airbrushing. Making use of either one of these techniques, they can develop nearly any design and style.

The use of Nail stickers

First, we have nail stickers, which are often known as nail decals; the nail specialist places them on your clean or polished nails. Still, these stick far better if your nails are currently polished. The main benefit of nail stickers is that, these are sold in bundle sheets like this 4 sheets cheetah nail foils, which makes them an affordable alternative.

Nail decals come in an array of styles, including extremely complex patterns that would be hard to attain through freehand sketching. For example, you will find unique designs like snowflakes, boho nail art and more. Also, the simplicity of making use of nail stickers makes them an excellent solution for women of all age range.

The use of nail polish and nail polish pens

Another approach is where your nail artist paints onto your nails using nail polish and nail polish pens. They will use a wide range of nail polish colors in the same style. The advantage of this method is that, it permits the nail tech to get innovative and make any design and style.

Basically, the nail art designs attained are based upon just how imaginative your nail specialist is.

Airbrushing Method

Airbrushing is the last approach, and it also entails the use of an airbrush and nail art stencil. Your nail tech will put the stencil over your nail and use the airbrush to be able to sketch patterns. Just as with freehand drawing, airbrushing allows the nail tech to use a mix of polish colour. Also, airbrushing is generally used to apply gel or acrylic nails. It can also be utilized on natural nails.



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