Milani 3D Holographic Nail Polish Swatches in HD & Hi-Tech

WARNING: Picture Heavy!


Milani 3D Holographic Nail Lacquer

(am I the only one who always wants to say/read/write their name as “Miliani”??)

When I first stumbled upon these I already owned my China Glaze, Layla and Color Club holos so when I quickly checked these out in person I was unimpressed. I was in a state where “holographic” better mean rainbows so sharp they can be used for laser eye surgery.

Fast forward three months later…

I was checking out the clearance section of my local CVS and there they were… for $1. Seriously? $1? So I grabbed the silver (“HD”) and a bottle of the green (“Hi-Tech”). Multiple bottles in all the “3D Holographic” colors were stacked there and, after giving these more attention than my initial 2-second judgement, I’m kicking myself for not buying them all. (So go check out your CVS, this may be a nationwide clearance for 2012!)

This polish is so thin it took me FIVE coats until it was at an opacity I found satisfactory. Looking at the first and second coats, you can see why I was so quick to dismiss these lacquers initially. Despite using so many coats, the end result is neither thick nor lumpy.

Hi-Tech is more densely packed and therefor only needed three coats to reach a good opacity. This one also seems to have more of a linear holo as well (but I’ll get to that later).

Milani 3D Holographic Nail Lacquers are undoubtedly gorgeous, one just has to give them a chance and appreciate them for what they are. They do not posses a very strong linear holo nor is it as strong as Gosh or Layla. Upon close inspection it contains several different sizes and grades of holographic powder which is probably what accounts for it’s softened, scattered holo. Most holographic nail polishes tend to look dull in lighting that is dim or artificial, however; these maintain shimmery, bright properties regardless of light source or intensity. (That’s a plus!) They also have the aesthetic of pure packed glitter yet are glass-smooth to the touch. What a mind game! What is this science?!

As far as the differences between the two colors I picked up, there are a few leaving the green as my favorite. Firstly, the color is just gorgeous. It is a super bright, yellow-toned spring green. It’s holo is stronger, more linear and more dense. Here’s a nice macro picture to show you the properties of this polish up close and personal:


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