Mickey Mouse Manicure

My nephew really loves Mickey Mouse, so I decided to create a Mickey Mouse Manicure for today.

Start with Essie Up’s

So I started with two coats of Essie Up’s, a fun red creme. (I have had this one for over 10 years now, I’ve never needed to add any thinner to it, and it’s still going strong!)

Create some Polka Dots

I used my large dotting tool with OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls, an amazing white creme with a soft grey undertone, to place random polka dots.

Mickey’s Heads

Next, I used my medium dotting tool with Wet n’ Wild Ebony Hates Chris, a black creme, and placed more random dots that would serve at the Mickey heads.

Mickey’s Ears

With my small dotting tool, I placed dots for the Mickey ears with Ebony Hates Chris.

I finished it all off with one coat of SV. While this was a super easy one to create, I had a lot of fun with it!!  I hope you all enjoy it!

DermaBlend- ACD

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