Lynnderella “Topaz Optimism”

Straight from my mailbox…

from Lynnderella’s latest “Talismans and Birthstones” collection

“Topaz Optimism”

See swatches and more after the jump..

From the official swatches:

Topaz Optimism (November) contains assorted golds and satin yellow glitters in a clear base.”

It was this swatch above that sold me as this being one of the bottles in this collection I would pick up.

“Topaz Optimism” is similar to Golden Rules in that it’s gold and has a ton going on (stars, flowers, diamonds, hex, squares, stars) however only a few bits and pieces are holo, the majority of the glitter is on the medium-smaller scale rather than large ala “GR” and this one is heavily yellow and gold based.

Here’s what impressed me most about this one:

1. It’s common for me to find Lynnderella polishes a bit thin. Needing at least 3 coats before I see them look how they appear in the official as well as blogger swatches. This one was not like that. Oh man! Just 2 normal coats and SHA-POW it was almost solid bling.

2. No fishing and I wound up with uncountable diamond nail gems, three stars, one heart and a flower. Talk about variety!

1 Coat over basic black, no topcoat

2 Coats over basic black, Seche Vite topcoat

You can find this and Lynn’s full Talismans & Birthstones collection at her store (CLICK HERE) as well as





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