I just can’t get enough of these cute and quirky nail designs at the moment!

I know this has been done by quite a few people before, but I just couldn’t resist giving it a go myself, so I present to you my ladybirds!

Ladybirds Nail Art

I started by painting my nails with two coats of Barry M Blood Orange and after that had dried, painted the ladybirds’ heads using Nails Inc Black Taxi and a small paintbrush. Next, I painted the black stripe down the middle of my nails using the same black polish and then used a dotting tool to create their black spots. I then used Barry M Matt White with a dotting tool to create the whites of their eyes, and finally a tiny dotting tool with black polish to paint their pupils.

I started doing the dots on my middle finger and I actually did the dots the wrong way round which is so frustrating to look at now, but I just couldn’t bring myself to paint them all over again!

I have a detailed photo tutorial of this nail art design planned for tomorrow, so make sure you come back then to recreate it yourself!

DermaBlend- ACD

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