Inspired by a Movie Nail Design

I am so absolutely chuffed with this manicure. It’s my first proper freehand nail paint!

Choosing a film was pretty tough, but Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory has been on the TV several times recently (the new one and the old one) so I thought I would do a tribute to that film. Personally, I prefer the first one so I based my nails on that film instead of the new one.

I used Barry M Matt White, Blueberry Ice Cream, Foil Effects Gold and LA Colors Bronze Bombshell as a base for each of my nails and then used acrylic paint to freehand the design with the world’s tiniest paintbrush. I will definitely be trying free-handing again.

My little finger is the one I am leats happy with – it shows a golden ticket, my ring finger has a shiny chocolate base with the Wonka ‘W’ on it, my middle finger shows loads and loads of the famous ever-lasting gobstoppers, my index finger shows a little oompa loompa, and finally my thumb shows my take on the lickable wallpaper.

What do you think? I can’t wait to see everyone else’s take on movies!

For this manicure I used:

  • Revlon – Quick Dry Base Coat
  • Barry M – Matt White
  • Barry M – Blueberry Ice Cream
  • LA Colors – Bronze Bombshell
  • Barry M – Foil Effects Gold
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Revlon – Quick Dry Top Coat

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