Indie Thursdays! Nail-Venturous “Humble-Bee” Swatch, Review & Shoutout to Marci

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For the past week I’ve had my head inside itself. I’ve been apocalyptically sick, I’ve had minor domestic irks, I’ve been interviewing for a new job that I reallllly want. So while I’ve popped in here and there, I haven’t kept up on nail news like I normally do. So it was by chance that I saw Marci’s Facebook post sharing that Ninja Polish had restocked both Floam and Humblebee.

FLOAM. Yeah, yeah. Prepare yourself because I’m about to be blasphemous in the church of polish.

I’m more excited for HUMBLEBEE!!!!

I have wanted Humble-bee since the moment I saw it. I didn’t know who made it or where to find it but as soon as I saw it, it had to be mine.

My mind raced. I scrolled through the mental rolodex (wow, remember those? That’s going to be one of those things that no-one even knows what it is anymore! Uhm, Just replace that mysterious word with “I-phone” for any readers out there born after 1995. Anywhoo…) I scrolled through my mental rolodex of all my best pick-up lines.

Windex, quarters, sugar packets and chloroform became joined into the one and only ultimate pick-up line.

But alas! It was all for naught. My beloved hot young thang was taken. By about a million other bar-hoppers. “Humble-bee” was popular. And rare. And lived life fast.

Normally that wouldn’t get me down but I must have been in a very sorry mood for I accepted defeat and vowed to not order it any more drinks or offer it any rides home, ever again.

Fast forward to Marci’s FB share about a recent restock and the dream came true! Now when I tell people, “Just livin’ the dream”? Aww yeah.

Here’s a shout-out to you Marci, of Marci’s nails, for being MY nail-ympian!!

Now who’s ready for some floam and bees?

So, as you can see, these are new bottles.

It looks like Ninja Polish has teamed up with NVL to present and sell her polish. This is awesome news as we’ve already seen Ninja Polish re-stock these two lacquers at least a handful of times since this change. It looks like they’re also being restocked in larger volumes and there was one point where I saw Humbleebee still available everytime I checked the site for almost 48 hours straight!

If this availability continues to present itself now and then like it has been on the Ninja Polish site, it’s fantastic pinch-me-im-dreaming news for everyone’s lemming lists.


Consisting of a swarm of matte neon yellow and matte black micro hexes, and a generous dash of larger matte black hexes.

This is one coat of “Humble-Bee” on bare nails.

This polish is able to be layered and worn on it’s own! Quite the achievement.

Two Coats

Three Coats

Pictures really emphasis any bald spots which are not noticeable in person.

In natural lighting, partial shade:

In Full Sun:

I also layered a Halloween polish over it. Mr. NB said this combo was “interesting. In the bad way.”

But I loved the ugly, crazy, chaos of it.

You can find NVL “Floam” and “Humble-Bee” on the Ninja Polish website.

To my knowledge they don’t really announce re-stocks ahead of time for the purpose of avoiding the mad rushes and mad dashes that puts everyone and all of the internet bursting into flames.

I would say your best bet is to bee-friend (OH you see what I did there!) a circle of nail bloggers ;D on FB and Twitter, as well as the Ninja Polish FB so you can fall apon an announced re-stocking like I did! It also doesn’t hurt to bookmark the Ninja Polish shop and check in every now and then.


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