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Borough Babe “Fish Scales”

A polish I drooled over from afar for at least 6 months. I never dove in and tried it because I felt like it was one of those polishes that would be heavily disappointing and all I had to go off of was the bottle. I wont lie; the low amount of sales also made me think “there must be some reason people aren’t buying”. Which is 100% against my usual way of thinking and personal philosophies but nevertheless it was what it was and I stalked it from afar…

Well I finally broke down and decided I needed to try it.



Find out if this is a hidden jewel in the ocean after the jump!!!

Touting handcrafting in the Bronx, “Fish Scales” is a glitter bomb polish created by Borough Babe Made.

Filled with circles and squares of iridescence, gold, holographic and blue glitter in all sizes.

Shown over a basic black (Sally Hansen) and Zoya “Jacqueline” with basic Ulta top coat.

Swatches show 2 thin coats, but even one coat offers great coverage.

Swoon swoon swoon.

The stars in my eyes are shaped like mermaid kittens blowing bubbles.



In photographing over black, the iridescence appears to be lost but make no mistake- those kitten bubble blowers are still there.

From under the sea jewels to outer space nebulas:




Even away from windows and lights, it shines:


While there doesn’t seem to be many more lacquers from this brand, I highly recommend stopping by her shop and picking this one up. I think this may even be added to my top 10 polish giveaway I’m currently constructing.

You can find “Fish Scales” at the Borough Babe shop:

Bottles will run you $8.00 for a full .5 oz size bottle





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