How to keep your Nail Decals Last Longer?

Many women are so in love with nail stickers! Not only because the are easy to put on, but because there are so many patterns that you can choose from. Nails stickers enable you to have a nice, cute, and fun nail designs even if you have lesser or no skill for nail arts or don’t even have a bit of resourcefulness. Once you get the hang of it, it is actually really, really basic!

And as soon as they are used the right way, they last longer and give you boundless ways for lovely nails. Nail decals are so cool and trendy at this moment that you may get a variety of unique colors and diverse styles from wild animal nail water transfer to colorful floral nail stickers.

Here are some simple tips to ensure that your nail stickers are in place for a longer time

First of all, you want to start with permanent outdoor vinyl that has far more powerful adhesive features to help stick to your nails much longer.

You also would like to hang on for quite a few hours after painting your nails to put on the vinyl decals using a tiny portion of transfer tape or paper. Once you have placed the vinyl nail decal, use a clear coating over it to help keep it constantly in place. You can put a new clear coating daily if you would like.

Toenail Stickers Last Longer

Nail stickers will stay on toenails considerably longer than those that are put on the fingernails. This is because fingernails usually have a lot of works to do than toenails. In my case, I’ve had vinyl graphics on my toes for a few more weeks.

How long they stick to your nails?

The longest I have been able to hold a vinyl nail decal on my fingernails is a week. The larger the nail artwork is, the longer it should cling.

If you wished to maintain your nail stickers to stay to your nails a lot longer, then try all these methods when you choose to give DIY nail art a shot at home with your vinyl nail decals!


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