Heart Stamping Manicure

It’s time for another Nail Stamping Day! So today, I’m gonna create a heart manicure.

Start with your base

I started with one of the polishes from Wet n’ Wild’s new Spoiled collection, Checkin Into Rehab. It’s a deep purple jelly, with a touch of tiny flakes in it. Since it’s a purple jelly, it does that really fun “blue tint on the tips” trick!

Nail Stamping

For my nail stamping plate fun designs, I used Sally Hansen Grape Going and Konad Special White with Red Angel plates RA-114 and RA-120.

Here is an indoor lighting shot of the finished mani! I picked Grape Going for the main stamp color because I wanted something subtle that would add some fun shimmer to it.

The Konad Special White worked great with this, because the purple base made the white look almost lilac!

This design is really fun to look at in the sunlight! It’s very bright and shimmers nicely. I love how this turned out and I

hope you do too!!! See you next Sunday for more stamping awesomeness!!!


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