Heart Design Nail Art for Valentine’s Day Season

The most romantic moment of the year is just around the nook as 14th of February, the day of Valentine’s is getting close to you with full spirits. As it pertains to enjoying the time of love, it’s time to take some extraordinary elegance, grace, and glamour to everything, like that cute manicure your fingertips will show off. Enjoy the season of love with these lovely heart design ideas for nails.


Heart and Scrabble Tile Nails

This board game-inspired nail design is sure a must-try for this Valentine’s season. Express your love with the L.O.V.E and heart patterns. This could be perfect even on regular days or if you simply love the scrabble game and you just can’t get enough of it and wanted to dress your dull nails with scrabble tiles or other Nail design plates.






Velvet-y Heart Nails

Velvet nails are one of the most interesting manicure ideas you can find. It is great for parties and special occasions like valentine’s day. Velvet is all over the fashion scene, so why not try the texture on your nails and add some heart pattern? And Hey! Don’t forget the main ingredient of this nail art – flocking powder.




XOXO and Hearts Nails

This nail design is rich with patterns and colors; black, pink, white, red, silver and a few tiny jewels, hearts and XO’s. If you want to go beyond ordinary, try this nail art for Valentine’s day.






Flowery Heart Nails

Flowers and heart are among the important elements of Valentine’s day. Why not combine all these two elements or patterns into your nails, I’m sure the heart and floral patterns will give you that lovely and long-lasting feel than the bouquet of flowers you receive. Use these Chanel vibrant nail polish collections.






Gradient Striped Heart Nails

Instead of painting your entire nail with a gradient effect, why not try pink gradient stripes with tiny heart patterns for a more romantic ombre effect this Valentine’s season.






Aqua Hearts Nails

Valentine’s day doesn’t need to be filled with pinks and reds. This nail design plays in blue and white theme for a much different but still a Valentine’s-y effect. Use this Organic Glam Nail Polish in Aqua polish.







Pretty in Pink and Silver Nails

Design your dull nails with this simple nail art. Glitter and pink hearts are perfect this season of love.

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