Green Duo-chrome

I picked up some awesome Sephora by OPI shades recently…

Mermaid to Order & Teal We Meet Again

The lighter of the two, Mermaid to Order, is absolutely captivating in the bottle. It’s a gorgeous teal that appears to be a multi-chrome that shifts from teal to light green to blue to purple. Unfortunately, all of this gets lost in application translation. I’ll even give an inch and say it’s a duo-chrome because I can slightly make out the hint of light green. I still think it’s a pretty color, but it had the potential to be amazing.

I used the darker of the two, Teal We Meet Again, on my ring fingers. With this one, there aren’t any unpleasant surprises, it’s gorgeous in the bottle, and stunning on your nails!! The deep teal color is so beautiful, and the slight sparkle really makes it pop!

The past 84 hours or so have been nothing short of absolutely crazy, so I’m more than a little tired – but I still needed the zen feeling that polish provides. So this explanation is me trying to apologize for the lack of nail art in this post. I know it’s a little out of my norm! I actually used my RA-106 plate with Color Club Perfect Mol-ten on my ring fingers. Try as I might, I simply could not get it to photograph very well, but it has a really pretty greenish-gold shimmer in person!

I am truly envious of the amazing color that is on display for me when I look at my bottle of Mermaid to Order. I wish it were on my nails!!! So ladies, until next time.


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