Glow in the Dark Nail Designs

Glow in the dark nail polish outshines merely the rest, especially in the dark. It is very convenient and perfect for events, night outs and other special events where you just want to shine and look awesome as well.

However, what if you think glow at nighttime nail polish is a bit costly for your taste or maybe, you simply can’t find the right color which you would want for your nails. Do not worry too much since there are ways where one can have do-it-yourself glow in the dark nail polish.

Make your personal glow in the dark nail polish

There are three methods to make your own nail polish glow in the dark, making use of glow sticks, nail resin or acrylic paint.

Make sure that you have a complementing nail polish close to the color of the glow stick you would like to use. The colors don’t always need to match one another; just the same tone will be sufficiently right. You will find a fine line about being imaginative and ending up having a mix that is useless. To be safe, you can always use clear nail polish so that you will be able to utilize just about any color of glow sticks you want.

You can then apply your own base coat and add the newly combine glow in the dark nail polish on top. To test you can just turn off the lights or go to dark space to see the results.

Here are other available choices you would want to try when creating your own original glow nail polish. However, it depends on which one is obtainable in your area and which type you will feel comfortable using.

Glow in the dark nail designs:


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