Geometric Nail Designs You Need to Try

Geometric nails are so fashionable, and they’re fascinating, and on top of that, they could be as tricky or easy as you would like.

Not all people are a fanatic of mathematics class, but nearly everyone is really a lover of geometric nails. These geometric angles and figures that used to torment us during our math class are now making our nails look totally stunning. There’s something special in the structured mayhem of geometric nails that are not just relaxing, but incredibly satisfying to see. And the best thing regarding geometric nails? They work with both the minimalist or the maximalist. So it’s all up to the person’s choice of style!

Geometric nails allow for people to combine a range of shades as well as styles so that our nails are often looking unique. You will find almost limitless combos and options!

Geometric Nails for Whatever Season

For the holidays, use tones of gold, silver, red, and green, and of course, add a few glitter in that as well. In the summer season, vibrant neons nails or light pastels can make any manicure send out all those easygoing vibes. Plus, the same nail polish colors may be used with various patterns, dot-work, and also angles to make totally different-looking manicures each time. At times, getting negative space with no nail polish color can make a massive effect.

Geometric Nails Could be Simple or Complex

While geometric manicures might appear tricky, they may actually way simpler than one would envision. A few well-placed dots and lines can make a big distinction, and typical clear or painter’s tape can significantly come in handy whenever painting straight uniform traces. You can also find striper brushes offered at most art stores that will help you draw thin or even small designs that a regular nail polish brush cannot achieve. But one of the easiest way to achieve geometric manicure is through nail sticker application. If you search online, you’ll find tons of designs from lines, circles, squares, triangles and so much more.

For some motivation, we accumulated a few geometric manicures that are just too beautiful not to imitate!

DermaBlend- ACD

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