Fun with Tapes Manicure

Hey!! I hope everyone had an amazing day!
If you have any idea where the title of this mani comes from – then you’re stupid awesome!!!

Create the chrome base

I started with two coats of HITS Trendy, a really fun multi chrome that shifts from chartreuse to gold to green. I really like this polish. In some light, it gives you an almost metallic feel, and then it vanishes and you’re left looking at another color all together.

I wasn’t completely wild about the brush with this one, but it wasn’t a huge issue.

Nail Taping for the details

Since I would be using scotch tape for the next step, I applied one coat of SV to protect my base color.

Create laser effect

Using my small shears, I cut several thin strips of scotch tape and applied them in random places on my nails to create the laser effect.

Then, I applied one coat of Color Club Worth the Revvvolution, a great charcoal holographic. I removed the strips of tape from each nail immediately after the coat of Revvvolution. I finished it off with one more coat of SV.

I’m really pleased with the final look of this mani. It’s fun, it’s random, and there’s no right or wrong to it’s creation! I hope you enjoy it too!

DermaBlend- ACD

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