Fun Gradient Linear Holographic Nail Design

Hey everyone!! Yesterday was an awesome nail mail day, thanks to Llarowe! One of these bits of awesomeness was HITS Hefesto – a linear holographic top coat that turns any polish into a linear! Anyone who knows me knows I’m a linear lunatic! So, after a few minutes of thought, my eyebrows looked a little something like this: ~_^

Fall in love with the orange holo

I started with two coats of HITS Demeter, a fun orange holo.

China Glaze Riveting for the gradients

I needed a polish that would be a good go-between for orange and red, so I sponged on China Glaze Riveting for a gradient effect.

I then sponged on HITS Ares on the lower portion of my nail.

Gradient linear look

For an all over gradient linear look, I then applied one coat of HITS Hefesto!

While it is said that top coats cut down on the linear holo strength, I did finish with one coat of SV, since I had so many coats of polish on. (The dry time would have been more than considerable without it!) I honestly did not notice a change after applying my top coat.

I am thrilled with the end result of this!


I hope you enjoy!!!!!

DermaBlend- ACD

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