Frontcover Cosmetics Nail Art Collection

This review has been a seriously long time coming, and thank you so much to FrontCover Cosmetics for being so amazingly patient with me!

Today I have the FrontCover Cosmetics Nail Art Collection box to show you!

The is quite big, and I couldn’t believe how much they manage to fill it with! There is also a really diverse range of nail art supplies inside, so you can really have a go at everything.

Check out all these amazing goodies!!

There’s also this cool little tips page which gives you ideas of how to use each of the items. I actually found this quite helpful when having a play around with it.

Included in the set is this really really cute packet of dotting sticks (toothpicks) which I used to help get more precise placements whilst playing with the gems…you’ll see!

With this kit you get a very cute little nail file which is such a perfect handbag size, only about as long as my index finger (I have little fingers!)

Also included are three little pots of decorations. One contains fine silver glitter, one contains multi-coloured and muli-shaped gems, and one contains larger silver discs.

When using them, I found that I LOVED the fine glitter and the gemstones, but I think my nails are a little too small to get the silver discs to sit flat. That must be my own fault for having stupidly small nails!

You also get a striping brush in the set which is nice and fine for your perfect sized stripes!

There’s a little bottle of glue, although I didn’t use this when playing as I always find that gems stick on well know just using clear nail polish!

The things that excited me most in the box were these gorgeous nail polishes!

The clear polish shown here is a really lovely shiny top coat!

Here’s a swatch of the beige/tan polish included in the set. It’s a really lovely smooth creme polish with such a nice warm tone to its colour.

The brown polish confuses me a little because I keep thinking it’s a dark red…. None the less, it is a really deep autumnal shade which only takes two coats for full opacity.

Finally is this amazing bright red (verging on pink) with gold micro micro glitter! I mean, this glitter is TINY. Definitely not a shimmer though as you can still really see all the specks!

I was also very excited to find these two sets of nail art stickers in the set, as I have never used these before and had always thought they liked like a really convenient manicure!

I tried the silver patterned set out of the two, and actually found them really easy to use! My only complaint would be that you only get one size per finger, and for someone with little fingers like me I had to do a lot of cutting!

So here’s a selection of designs I came up with after using all sorts of different items from the set! I took some inspiration from the tips page and think that I love my glittery middle finger the best!

I would really recommend getting it if you haven’t had much experience in the world of nail art yet, or if there’s new techniques that you haven’t had a chance to try yet like me!

Polishes used…

DermaBlend- ACD

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