Filing Nails vs Cutting Nails

Nail experts out there will inform you that it’s best to file your nails instead of cutting them. So now that we’ve got that out of the way, listed below are some other ideas to help you take care of your nails.

How should you file your nails?

Pro manicurists suggest filing nails to provide them the desired shape which will help prevent them from breaking or even splitting. When you file your nails, see to it that they are dry and file them only in a single course. This will cut your projects in half. Here are some additional suggestions:

Use an emery board having a fine grit. If probable, prevent metal files. Glass files have the supple granules.

File your nails from the outer edge towards the center. Follow their original figures.

Avoid cutting back and forth so as not to deteriorate the nail.

The lower the grit range, the harder the file. More grit is good for filing down the nail fast. Use a lighter weight grit for polishing off the shape. Do you want to know if you have filed your nails correctly? If the edges don’t snag and split, it most likely means that you’ve done a great job.

How often should you file or cut your nails?

Except if you aim to grow longer nails, you should file your nails at least once each week. Why? It makes them better and more protected. If you do not want the take the time of looking after your nails on a regular basis, or if your way of living as well as long nails don’t mix, file them down to your fingertips when they get too long. You could as well cut your nails a bit before filing them. If you really would rather cut your nails, get it done soon after taking a bath, or after soaking them in water.

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