Easy Stars Nail Art

Create your holo base

Since I’ll be out in the sun, I really wanted a color that would pop in the light! So I went for Ludurana Supremo, one of my favorite purple holos, and applied three coats. Two would have done the trick, but I’m a big fan of three base coats for added thickness.

Supremo is so good as catching the light, I knew it would be the perfect choice for the beach.

Add the Stars Pattern

After applying one coat of SV for protection, I used my Mash-49 nail stamping plate fun design with Konad Special Black for the star design.

I thought about adding a little extra something, maybe for an accent nail, but I stopped myself.

I liked the simplicity of this so much that I left it the way that it is.

I finished off with one last coat of SV.

I hope you all enjoy it!!


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