Easy Nail Art with Water Slide Stickers

Ready-to-use manicure products are readily accessible nowadays in most online nail shops or even to your local beauty store that sells nail products. That means that you don’t have to head over to a high-end salon when you need to do your nails because you can make the exact same effects very quickly at the comfort of your home.

The key to getting long-lasting nail art using nail water slide sticker is applying a good quality top coat and nail polish for your nail art.

China Glaze nail polishes are actually perfect for this and offer results that last about a week.

What are Water Slide Stickers?

A water slide sticker is a pattern or photo, large or small, which can be printed out over a particular paper. Whenever it is placed into water, a layer in between the photo and the backing paper melts, helping the graphic or design to slide off, which in turn can then be shifted to your nail.

Water Slide Stickers vs. Vinyl Stickers

Water slide stickers are considerably thinner as compared to vinyl stickers, and they are a wonderful way to generate salon finish nail art in a matter of minutes. There is a countless selection of them on the market nowadays, from floral patterns to boho nail designs, from cartoons to animal prints, from Valentine’s to Christmas patterns, there isn’t any lack of exciting possibilities.

These kinds of stickers are long-lasting and seem stunning even after seven days. They are on the market in a wide variety. Quite a few of these water slide stickers have to be used on a white base, and some on any sort of shade, some are tiny layouts, and several are full nail patterns. Even full sheets of nail design transfer are also available in many choices. You can trim them by your need and nail measurement.




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