Distinctive Ways to Wear Matte Nail Design

Every nail polish manufacturer offers a matte top coat to provide you the solution to turn polishes you already have into matte coatings with a simple topcoat application. There is just something so luxurious and elegant about nail color that doesn’t have that typical shine you’d expect from a polish. Have a look at these shine-free nail designs courtesy of our most loved Instagram nail artists.

Antica Farmacista


Matte Nails in Mosaic Patterns


@nailjob on Instagram

The matte white provides an excellent base for a sophisticated mosaic design and style like this one.

Gray Matte with Dots

@paintboxnails on Instagram

This pattern looks edgy and feminine at the same time. Choose a matte gray and add a little dot design to replicate this nail artwork.

Dark Matte With a Twist

@nailjob on Instagram

To achieve this look, add a lacquer in a vertical swipe above the black color base.

3-tiered Nail Design

@jessicawashick on Instagram

The color combo of gold, white, and black just makes this nail design so elegant.

Ornamented Matte Fingernails

@jessicawashick on Instagram

For a distinctive floral nail, this design blends matte polish, regular polish, as well as embellishments.

Matte Neon Orange

@paintboxnails on Instagram

Start with any neon orange base and after that, add an inverted V to every nail. Once dried out, set the look with a matte topcoat.

Graphic Aztec-inspired

@vanityprojects on Instagram

Tape out of your half moon in a triangle form. Colour a taupe matte polish and let it dry. Make use of a thin brush to put thready details.

DermaBlend- ACD

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