Are There Different Designs For Coffin Nails

Coffin nails resemble to the old-style coffins although this is a very odd comparison. However this nails are not that bad. The nails come with a large space that can be the base of any kind of nail art. For those who fear that the nails would break, nail strengthener will help you keep the nails for as long as you want them.

Doesn’t this look appealing, attractive and all the sweet names that may be used to describe. The stylish painted tips and the little feathers attract attention and the cool white polish with gliders moderates the look.

If your nails are too short to get this shape you can always buy the nails with the right coffin shape. The silver glitter polish compensates for the image and people will think your nails are natural.

Gold does not disappoint with the matte sea green polish. This is a perfect choice for the party girls.

How about the cool funky rainbow design? Isn’t it also the best option for the party girls? Indeed it is.

The pale pink and glitter design will be a perfect option for a wedding. However you can have the design even in other occasions.


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