Different Animal Themed Nail Art To Inspire You

Flaunting animal themed nail artwork shows your wild part and it also depicts your really like towards the animals or your domestic pets. When we talk about animal nail art tutorial, it may include anything at all from leopard print to dog paws or even the recently trending angry bird nails. There are many techniques like using Glitter Rhinestone or other accesories that can be used to get animal themed toenail art that you may use to achieve these designs. All of these are often available in the market these days.

So let us begin with the list of pet print nail art styles.

nail redesignZebra Nails

Shiny zebra print over matte foundation. To get this look, paint your nails first with a matte black color after which, add zebra stripes making use of your top coat. And you’re done!.

nail redesign

Colourful Ladybugs

You may make lady bug nails in various colors also. You can do every nail in different color too to convert your manicure right into a colorful one.


nail redesign

Bumblebee Fingernails

This nail design is very perfect for spring/summer. To get the this look, just paint your own nails in yellow by adding three black lines. After that, make white and dark dots for eyes.


nail redesign

Panda Nails

Panda nails is another trendy animal nail art you can try for your nails. Cute isn’t it?


nail redesign

Kitty Nails

In case you are cat lover you can choose this easy to do cat fingernails. To get this look, create a white rounded tip for your face and add two little triangles for the ears. Right now draw two black spots for the eyes and for the nose. Draw mouth as well as mustaches of the cat. Perform polka dots on other nails. Top coat your own nails to seal in your design.

nail redesign

Angry Bird Nails

You can draw the angry bird on a single nail, and do French manicure on other nails along with the red line.


nail redesign

Owl Fingernails

From the past year as well as half, owl nails happen to be trending among nail artwork lovers. You can create an owl drawing on one of your nails as well as polka dots on other people to get the above look.

nail redesign

Baby Chick Nails

These are great for Easter and quite easy to perform. First paint your fingernails with yellow color, start being active. Black and white dots for the eye. Make a big orange us dot for the beak. You can add the white zig -zag suggestion to show the egg covering or add orange feet.

nail redesign

Giraffe Nails

This is an incredible variation of giraffe print out nails. You need to have good fingers in drawing giraffe to get this look, but with a small practice, you can get it correct.

nail redesign

Bunny Rabbit Nails

This particular animal nail art appears very nice on Easter. Bunnies on nails look adorable and quite easy to make.

Wish you got inspired by these animal-themed nails. Happy nail painting everyone, we can’t wait to see you have them.


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