Dandelions in the wind

I must confess, this is a bit of a copy as I saw this style of manicure somewhere on twitter last week, but I can’t remember whose it was! So if you did a dandelion manicure recently, then thanks for the inspiration for today’s post!

I decided to go for quite a cartoony look today as dandelions are so detailed that I’m not sure my tiniest brush is small enough! I still quite like the effect though, but I think I could have done fewer pieces on my ring finger. But hey ho, never mind 🙂

Dandelion Nails

I started by painting my nails with two coats of Topshop’s Easy Breezy. I realise that I use this polish a LOT for nail art, but I shan’t apologise because I love it so much 😛 Next I used a small paintbrush with Essence Deep Sea Baby to paint the little stalks. After that had dried I used Barry M Matte White (my faaaaavourite white) to paint on the little fly away bits – whatever you call them.

It was so easy and simple to do that literally anyone could do it. I dare you to give it a go, and don’t forget to send me a pic so I can see what a great job you’ve done!


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