Cute Bumble Bee Nail Art

Someone sent me two of the Just Nails polishes for me to try out!

It is actually kind of amusing – I was just talking to someone about how hard it is to find a really pretty yellow polish! And now, thanks to Hard Candy, I have one! Splendid is just that! It is such a pretty and soft yellow!! I absolutely adore it! It isn’t too thin, which is a common problem I have with yellows.

The End is a fantastic black that has a great patent like finish – super shiny!

I have some other Hard Candy polishes in my arsenal, so I thought I would use Sky with these two as well! Sky is my favorite baby blue! It’s a beautiful color, with a light ice blue shimmer.

I used a detailing brush to paint the little bumble bee on my ring finger with Splendid. Next, I used a striping brush with The End to create the bumblebee stripes, stinger, and antenna. Then I used my dotting tool to create the polka dot pattern on my other nails. I decided to use a blue glitter detail polish from Claire’s to create the bee wings. Finally, I finished it off with a coat of SV.

I absolutely love these two polishes, and will most definitely be using them a lot from now on!


DermaBlend- ACD

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