Creative Pedicure

Your toenails should be as beautiful as the hand nails. Most people concentrate so much on the manicure that they overlook pedicure. Nail art whether pedicure or manicure is an all time fantasy. However, most nail art is an imitation and people may not take notice of you since it is too common. The designs you pick on should rhyme with the occasion and should also be decent enough not to limit you. You should therefore not be afraid of trying out new pedicure designs.

This is a perfect nail art for the women who love sandals. The blended purple, pink and some white. The polka spark nail accessory makes it unique.

For the ladies who do not love colors, this is a perfect option for you. This is because all the colors used are moderately cool.

For both long and short nails, you can have the whole nail painted in sweet red and add some golden sparks to break the monotony.

The multi-color patterns works best for the ladies with short toe nails. This compensates for the missing length.

For those who love decency, it will do absolutely well with the silver glitters compensating for the lack of colors.


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