Color Club Holiday Collection 2012

From the Color Club 2012 Scented Holiday Collection

“Berry And Bright” & “Ho-Ho-Holly”

Get a little jolly with swatches after the jump!!

From the Color Club 2012 Holiday Collection, comes two scented polishes that blow me away with their radiance.

Shiny, Shiny, Shiny, Shiny

“Ho-Ho-Holly” is a foily, flecky green offering true forest green, marine blue undertones and golden foil fleck. Smells as if you rode out of an Old Spice commercial on a pine tree.

“Berry and Bright” is a foily berry red, offering blue undertones, subtle blue and gold (at least I believe it’s gold, and comes off as pink underneath the polish?) foil fleck. I consider the color raspberry-ish. Smells like Christmas fruit punch.

Not only are these super shiny, strongly scented and very festive but they also offer fantastic coverage.

Figure 1. ONE coat of “Berry & Bright”:


Two Coats “Berry & Bright”, No top coat

Put your sunglasses on and step out in the sun with me..


With flash..



Two Coats “Ho-Ho-Holly”, No Top-coat


Yes. Yes. Yes. Just all kinds of Yes.




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