Christmas Nail Tutorial – Stocking

I hope you’re all having a wonderfully lazy afternoon. I’m trying to keep myself awake on the sofa at the moment and I’m hoping that writing this will do the trick!

Today’s nail art tutorial is quite a time-consuming one, but it is so cute it’s definitely worth it!

Here’s how to do the stocking nail design

Step 1

Start by painting your nail all over a pale beige colour.

Step 2

Use a small paintbrush and a dark brown polish to paint a shelf at the root of your nail.

Step 3

Next, use the tiny paintbrush and a bright red polish to paint the shape of the stocking just beneath the brown ledge.

Step 4

Use a dotting tool dipped in white polish to create the fluffy rim of the stocking.

Step 5

Take two or three different shades of red and brown polish and using a tiny paintbrush paint little lines onto your nail, alternating colours, to create the brick effect.

Step 6

Keep going with the brick-work until you have covered your whole nail.

In the final manicure I have painted this design on all my nails, enough for a whole family’s worth of stockings!


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