Christmas Nail Tutorial – Santa Claus

Well there is always one day that you forget to open a door on your advent calendar, and for me that day was yesterday. Really I was just very busy and didn’t have time to share this nail art design with you, so that means you get a double dose of nail art today!

I know that quite a few of you have been waiting for this nail art tutorial to pop up….it’s Santa!

There are two tutorials in this Santa post today – one for his face, and one for his coat.

First up, his face…

  • Step 1 -Start by painting your nail all over with a skin-coloured polish for Santa’s face.
  • Step 2 -Next, use a red polish and a small paintbrush to paint the top half of your nail red for his hat.
  • Step 3 -Take a white polish and dip your dotting tool into it. Dot around the tip of your nail and up the sides to give him his fluffy beard.
  • Step 4 -Use the same dotting technique and the same white polish to dot on the rim of his hat.
  • Step 5 -Again use the white polish and a smaller dotting tool to dot on the whites of his eyes.
  • Step 6 -Now use a tiny dotting tool and a black polish to dot on the pupils in the eyes.
  • Step 7 -Finally, use your large dotting tool and skin-coloured polish again to dot on Santa’s nose.

And now for his coat…

  • Step 1 -Start by painting your nail red all over.
  • Step 2 -After that has dried, use a tiny paintbrush and a gold polish to paint his gold belt buckle.
  • Step 3 -Use a black polish to paint Santa’s belt across the middle of your nail and through the buckle.
  • Step 4 -Finally, use your dotting tool with your white polish to create the fluffy rim of his coat as shown in the photo.

And there you have it, the perfect manicure for the Christmas season as everyone will recognize him!

I finished my mani off by painting my index and little finger in the same red I used for my Santa design and then covered it in a white glitter polish for snow!

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