Christmas Nail Tutorial – Elf

Today is Christmas party day!! Wooooo! So excited about our big Christmas bash at work this evening. Have you had yours yet? The tutorial up today is for a cute little Christmas elf!

There are two tutorials for this, one for his head and one for his body.

I hope you enjoy it! The head tutorial is up first…

  • Step 1 -Using a small paintbrush, paint a circle in the middle of your nail using a skin-coloured polish. Then, using a bright red polish, paint a semicircle on the tip of your nail for his shoulders.
  • Step 2 -Use the skin-colored polish again with a tiny paintbrush to paint your elf two little pointy ears and a neck.
  • Step 3 -Use you red polish again to paint the little rim of your elf’s hat.
  • Step 4 -This time, take a green polish and paint the shape of the elf’s hat, draping down to his shoulder at a point.
  • Step 5 -Use a dotting tool dipped in bright yellow polish to create the bobble on the end of his hat.
  • Step 6 -Take a white polish and use the same dotting tool to create two whites of the eyes.
  • Step 7 -Use a pink polish with a tiny paintbrush to paint the elf’s ear definition, mouth and nose.
  • Step 8 -Finally, use a tiny dotting tool with black polish to create the pupils in your elf’s eyes.

And now for his little body…

  • Step 1 -Start by painting your nail all over bright green.
  • Step 2 -After that has dried, take a red polish and paint a spiky red collar to his top.
  • Step 3 -With a metallic gold polish, draw a square on the middle of your nail for the elf’s belt buckle.
  • Step 4 -Using a black polish, paint a stripe across the middle of your nail and through the buckle for the belt.
  • Step 5 -Finally, use a dotting tool again with the yellow polish to create his little buttons.

And here’s what the final manicure looks like! I painted one each of the face and body of the elf and then on my index and little fingers, create a white and green striped pattern using a striping brush!

Polishes used for this nail design tutorial


DermaBlend- ACD

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