Chocolate-themed Nail Art this Month of Love

Almost $1.8 billion is believed to be invested on candy and chocolate for Valentine’s Day this season.  Woah! that’s ton of chocolate. Every Valentine’s Day, chocolate plays a significant part in this romantic event.  Throughout the years, as chocolate became far more available, it came to be involved less with wealth and more with romantic expressions.

If you want to keep the chocolate tradition alive in a different way, these chocolate nail art designs will surely make you fall in love.

It is time to offer you the true chocolate caramel nails. Don’t you want to eat these chocolate bars?

The swirl nail pattern is what makes this pattern so tasty. Someone who may have ever had chocolate with something like strawberries likes the amazing nail design plates of chocolates.

Fall in love with this simple yet so delicious nail art.  Think of it as yin as well as yang in brown as well as white. Definitely a great nail style.

Chocolate brown is the ideal platform for gold. This is a distinct take on that pigmentation. It looks like you’ve dipped your fingernails in gold.

Well, you can not say that chocolate and coffee don’t go together. I know some people who really appreciate the chocolate flavor to their coffee.

I mentioned that gold and chocolate brown are an ideal match. Having said that, it is only suitable that we finish off with such a layout.


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