China Glaze Heart of Africa VS Rimmel Lava Red

The Matchup:

China Glaze “Heart of Africa” VS Rimmel “Lava Red”

The Match-up:

At .45 oz, Rimmel Lava is an easy drugstore find retailing for around $2-$4. She is a deep and rich, vampy blackened-red lacquer filled with burgundy shimmer. In photographing the bottle I noticed at certain angles the shimmer takes on a duo-chrome effect, going from burgundy to gold, but this is in no way a duo-chrome polish. The formula was a little on the thin side for Rimmel but was easily corrected after three coats. I must say I do love Rimmel’s brushes; large and flat for minimal brush strokes (entirely a personal preference that may go against the norm).

At .50 oz, China Glaze is another relatively easy find at stores such as Sally’s Beauty Supply and Ulta where she retails for around $6-8. It is also a deep, rich and vampy blackened-red filled with shimmer.

Side by side, the bottles are clearly not dupes. “Lava Red” is darker and more burgundy whereas “Heart of Africa” is more like a blackened cherry wine. However they have the same “feel” to them and I was interested to see how they compared outside of their bottles.

Pinky and middle feature Rimmel “Lava Red”

Ring and pointer feature CG “Heart of Africa”


While a good match-up, this battle was easily won by knock-out. The China Glaze “Heart of Africa” not only has the better formula, absolutely rich and buttery, but also offers an inner glow which “Lava Red” just can’t compete with.

DermaBlend- ACD

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