Cartoon Heart Nail Design Tutorial

Here, we will demonstrate a cartoon heart nail art tutorial by melodysusie. In this approach, she identified that it’s more fun to create one having a freehanded designing. It’s a quite feminine style which just requires very little time to make. Apply it for a few highlight nails and a lovable method to improve anything more in your manicure. So let’s start and grab your paint brushes and nail polishes.

Step 1 – Paint Your Nails

Primarily apply your base color (it would be advisable to use a base coat before you start your base color) and then let it dry. The polish used here is China Glaze Sea Squirt. However, you may also begin using a play or subtle glitter polish, to provide the style more level.




Step 2 – Draw a Cut-off Heart Using Black Nail Polish

After that, make use of a nail art brush to attract the form of a heart with darkish nail varnish or polymer and complete it. The benefit of using acrylic as an alternative to nail enamel is it’s often very pigmented, holds a less drying out time because doing so attributes a smoother method. Most especially that, it is fairly less expensive than nail enamel.

For the heart design, she uses a cut-off design to be a little different. This is to bring back appear like it is ‘floating.’ Nevertheless, you’ll be ready to draw the middle anywhere that matches you, in the center, at the summit, huge or small, it can be all your choice.


Step 3- Draw Another Heart Pattern Using Pink Nail Polish

When the dark heart has dried up, color one more heart within an unintelligible color of your choice. Most of the people would need a red or possibly a pink for the hearts, yet since the heart shape is great as well as placeable one, you probably can use any color due to it. Just pick most things that work well with all your base color. You may use Essie‘s creamy hot pink shade, Fiesta.


Step 4 – Add Sparkle to the Heart Pattern

To make it more cartoon-like nail pattern, convey a standard toon sparkle towards the heart, by adding one big and something small dot having a dotting tool.

Lastly, apply your topcoat, pick up, and you are finished! Simple, right?


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