Captain America Nail Art Design

Loreal “Deeply Red”, Sally Hansen “Golden-I”, OPI “Into The Night” on tips, and China Glaze “White on White” To stamp the stars from the MLS301 Nail Plate.

Aside from the USA’s colors, can you tell the inspiration for this one?

The Avengers! I recently saw the Avengers and I LOVED IT. I didn’t love the beginning and the cynic in me was throwing a party pointing out all the things I didn’t like..until about half-way through when I was entirely won over.

There were so many amazing scenes that would have redeemed just about anything for me. I remarked to Mr. NB that they could have featured Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts in a 45 minute musical scene and I wouldn’t even have held it against them, all because of one specific scene involving the Hulk. They gave his character such justice this time!! Which is long overdue. I know I’m not the only one who has hated every hulk movie they’ve made in the past 15 years.

BUT back to the mani, which is clearly very Captain America. To be honest I’ve never been super fond of his character, nor Superman. Ive always been much more drawn to the darker, tortured personalities such as Batman. I didn’t even care for the most recent Captain America movie but I was surprised to find myself LOVING him in this one. I can’t say enough how much this movie surpassed my expectations.

So… Go Captain America, Go!

**These are obviously WW colors. However at the end of the day, I preferred the gold detailing over silver. That’s kind of what inspiration is- having an idea and then running with it wherever it may lead**

This is look #6/12 in the Plate/Stamper Giveaway Contest!

DermaBlend- ACD

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