Black Holos

Today I am going to show you two really awesome black holos that I got recently. The first one is The Symbiote by Chirality. The second is The Beyond by Color Club.

Black Holos – Nail Polish Colors

I love both of them because they’re both black holos, but look so different! Color Club is one of my favorite brands and Chirality is a new brand to me. I have heard of it before, but this is my first time using/owning any. I got The Symbiote from Jen from Jen’s Nail Files. We found out awhile ago that we live 5 minutes from each other, so when she had a bunch of holos for sale, I couldnt resist because holos are my FAVE!! Beyond I got from my new friend in my Adopt A Friend group that does nail polish exchanges.

Symbiote- The favorite one!

I think The Symbiote is my favorite of the two though just because its a darker black, but like I said, they’re both great!! Its funny how you can have practically the same polish, but they look so different. They’re both great formulas and go on very nice. They both stayed on great for the week or so that I wore each one!

Sorry this is such a short post, but hope you all are having a great weekend and enjoyed my post.

DermaBlend- ACD

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