Beautiful Mess nail art

I’m sitting here with a less than awesome case of strep throat right now, but there’s only so long I can go without doing my nails!!!

Scattered silver metallic

I started off with two coats of Essence Can’t Cheat on Me, a scattered silver metallic nail polish.

It’s a nice subtle polish that’s super pretty!

Next, I added one coat of Naild’ It Poison Apple.

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Poison Apple is a clear coat loaded with red square, white & black shredded, and multi sized black & white hex glitters.

First of all, look at all of that glitter!!!! That is just one easy coat! Talk about a glitter bomb!! I honestly didn’t think I would be crazy about shredded glitters, but I could not have been more wrong! I love them!!!

The red squares really give it a punch! There are actually some large white hexes in there too, but for the life of me I could not get them to come out of the bottle, which was a little disappointing.

Other than that, I am so loving this one! The forumla was a breeze! The glitters went on very smoothly and didn’t give me any trouble during application. I followed it with one coat of SV to smooth everything out.

Here’s a macro of Poison Apple on the nail to give you a better look at the awesomeness!!!

I even love the name! I totally feel like the Evil Queen with this on!!!!


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