Are There Gel Designs For Short Nails?

Nails can really tamper with ones self-esteem. Most women with short nails have a lot of pressures in maintaining a beautiful look. In such a time when gel designs have become so popular, they are wondering if there is a share for them. For some women, their professions do not allow them to keep long nails but this does not mean they cannot have a decent nail art.

Plain maroon and glittered ring finger will also give you an appealing party look. You can either decide to blend the midnight black with glittery jewels or just have a clear nail gel with glitters.

Floral short nails will also make you a center of attention. The list of the floral short nails is endless but you also need not go for multi-colors. The colors could be bright or a mixture of bright and dark colors. White is perfectly blended with different colors.

This design is also a perfect choice for the women who love attention as well as the decent women. It includes a clear polish blended with maroon or black.

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