How To Achieve Saloon-like Manicure?

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Saloon manicured fingers surely attract a lot of interest, but regular salon visits to maintain all of them is not a viable as well as the pocket-friendly option for the majority of us.

To attain flawlessly painted nails, buy a good quality nail lacquer – there is no other way of performing it. You can try out an OPI or Essie. These nail polishes last longer, don’t chip off very quickly and do not blemish your nails a lot of.

This is the step-by-step process for carrying out a salon-like manicure at home. To keep gorgeous and healthy fingernails, do a home manicure a couple of times a month.


Things You’ll Need:

  • Nail polish remover pads
  • Liquid soap
  • Few cotton balls
  • A manicure set (nail clippers, nail buffer, cuticle pusher, cuticle cutter, emery board, nail brush)
  • Cuticle oil or olive oil
  • Moisturizer
  • Hand Scrub
  • Nail Polish
  • Nail Base Coat & Top Coat
  • Hand towels
  • Small Tub with Lukewarm water.

 nail redesign


Step 1. Remove old nail paint
First, you have to remove all traces associated with previously applied nail color from each nail utilizing paint remover pads as well as non-acetone remover.

Step 2. Blend a few drops of the liquid body soap in a bowl of lukewarm water. Use a mild face cleanser. Soak both hands in this water for 5 to 10 minutes.

Step 3. Rinse your hands with clean drinking water and pat dry.

Step 4. Shape your nails
Utilizing a good quality nail clipper, cut your nails if required.

Step 5. File your fingernails
File from the corner of the nail to the center of the nail – not within a back-and-forth motion. Finally, make use of a soft nail buffer to smooth out the surface of each nail.

Step 6. Apply olive oil on the cuticles by dipping the cotton swab in extra virgin olive oil and apply it on your cuticles

Step 7. Push your cuticles back
Very gently press the cuticles back away through the nail using a cuticle pusher. Do not push the cuticle too roughly, as it safeguards the nail bed from germs and damage.

Step 8. Trim your cuticles
Together with your cuticles pushed back, cut the excess cuticle and any kind of hangnails using a cuticle eliminator or cuticle nipper. Take care not to pull, lift, tear or even cut into the cuticle by any means. Also, do not apply a lot of pressure when trimming, as it could cause bleeding.

Step 9. Apply a scrub
Right now, you need to scrub your hands. It is going to improve the blood circulation in your fingers and remove dead pores and skin cells. Using a soft toenail brush, you can also scrub your nails softly.

Step 10. Wash and apply moisturizer in it

Step 11. Remove extra moisturizer from your nails

Step 12. Apply a base coating
Before applying your toenail paint, apply a base coating on your nails. This step is essential for those who have weak or delicate nails. A base coat additionally protects the nails from staining and prevents breaking.

Step 13. Apply fingernail paint
Next, apply your preferred nail paint. After using a layer, let it dry for 5 minutes before applying the following layer. Allow drying period between the base coating as well as nail paint.

Step 14. Apply a top coat
Right after applying 2 or 3 layers associated with nail paints, finish up having a top coat. A top coating will add shine and original appeal to your nails. A single coating of the top coat may even enhance the appearance and durability of the nail paint.

Step 15. Wipe off any remnants of nail paint from the skin
Finally, look for any traces of nail color on your skin and thoroughly clean them up using a 100 % cotton ball or swab. You may also use nail paint eliminator to remove any paint which got on to your skin.


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