A Sprinkling of Halloween!!

And to kick it off… a graphic that looks like it came straight out of geocities.

Are you scared yet?

See a bloody heart-y helping of ghoulish polish after the jump!!

It’s safe to say there are a number of lacquer-heads out there who are in witch cackling delight at fall collections. From Halloween to Christmas to all the vampy color and sparkle in between, it can be a pretty good time of year for collection hunting. So get on your zombie hunting gear (don’t deny you have any) and check out a few of my Halloween polishes this year:

First up we have one I’ve shown you before, however this time over a swamp monster pea green!

Rainbow Polish “Monarch”

Classic Halloween fashion provided by Hit Polish “Halloween”

Black Cat Lacquer “Death Becomes Her” has treats up it’s sleeve…

and Serum No.5′s “Fallen” has tricks…

Serum No. 5 “Fallen”

One Coat over black in shade..

and in sun…

So gorgeous!! This one took me by surprise in the best of ways..

..and two coats over black up the volume further..

Of all the mainstream nail polish brands, Piggy Polish grabbed me the most with their “Lightmare” lacquer.

Piggy Polish “Lightmare” (I don’t restrict this to toes, shhh)

For this one, imagine Milani “Silver Dazzle” with a smoother finish filled with a heaping potion portion of warm orange larger hexes.

Oldy but goody, here’s a throwback with Lynderella “Cauldron Drippings” over Serum No.5 “Fallen” over black..

This one is not from a Halloween collection, but I found it completely mystical. Like something I should wear while conducting seances amongst pyramids in the desert..Franken Frosting “Dark Tainted Moon”

And lastly, Rainbow Honey “Kitsune”, from her fall 2012 collection:

So how was your night filled with three foot tall candy robbers?

DermaBlend- ACD

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