A Season for Your Nails to Be Jolly

During Christmas season, the stockings are hung through the mantle. Kids are singing Christmas songs, and you can’t wait to decorate your huge Christmas tree. And of course, you’re thinking of getting your nails polished to match the festive season. This holiday season, find an ideal manicure design inspiration that features every symbol of the season.

nail redesignSnow-Capped Foothills

We like this geometric figures on a vintage winter season nature scene. Nail artist Jaunty Juli, in fact, uses acrylic paint to achieve the stunning greens of Christmas nails.







nail redesignCord Lights

Nail artwork crystals play the role of Christmas lamps in this joyous manicure. To make them noticeable, try a more dark, Christmas-inspired green color as the base, using Marc Jacobs Beauty Enamored Hi-Shine Nail Polish in shade of Jealous Glaze







nail artChristmas Sweater-inspired

There’s absolutely nothing unpleasant about this Christmas sweater-inspired mani – the truth is, festive nail art in a holiday color scheme sounds like the loveliest of winter add-ons. And when you’re considering that you could never ever replicate those tiny sweater information on your own, have no fear. It may all be accomplished with the aid of the nail stamps.







nail colorFashionable Icicles

We love this delicate design of nail to winter weather, particularly how the silver springs from the base Zoya Nail Polish in Blu. The thin blotches of different shades of gray seem like clinging icicles – an excellent twist to the famous gradient manicure.







nail designSparkly Accent

If you value a basic white manicure, however, want to make it more fun for your holidays, just paint just one nail with a gold or silver metallic polish, like Smith & Cult Nail Lacquer in Shattered Souls for an additional dose of class.







nail redesignStar Gazer

Playing in the adverse area is an easy way to get your manicure to a whole new degree. All you will need are some beautiful gem tones and some nail art tape.







nail artSanta Claws

You don’t need to proceed all-out with your nails to create an impression. Simply painting just a little Santa hat on each hand’s accent nail makes it crystal clear that you love Christmas without having all the glitter, shimmer or even stripes of more complicated patterns.







nail redesignGold Gradient Manicure

Polish off a light pink manicure by adding some gold glitter to the foundation. We advise making use of the glitter with a makeup cloth or sponge, so you don’t overdo this.







nail redesignCord Lights – Fully Functional

You got that right: These nails don’t only need Christmas bulbs decorated with them, they, in fact, glow in the dark because of China Glaze Ghoulish Glow. This manicure style will glow whenever you switch the lights away. Fantastic isn’t it?







nail redesignDeck the Nails

These nails are extremely delicate and beautiful; they seem more like holiday watercolor artwork than a manicure. If your hands are a little less stable having a nail striping brush, this almost-abstract design and style are excellent for your nails.

I hope you find all these Christmas themed nails pretty and we can’t wait for you to try them on your nails too. Happy Holidays everyone!

DermaBlend- ACD

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